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Pauline had been a foster carer for over a decade when she heard about the situation facing refugee children around the world. After contacting Haringey social services, she received her first unaccompanied asylum-seeking child, a Congolese girl who had been raped and lost both her parents. Pauline provided a home and safe place for her to rebuild her future. Since that time Pauline has dedicated her life to supporting asylum-seeking young people and victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and founded her own foster care agency, the Phoenix Centre to do so. The centre now provides a home for around thirty unaccompanied young people in Tottenham.  Ovver the years, she has supported more than 200 young people in need of home. An inspirational woman, Pauline is an unsung hero living and working on our doorstep in London. Pauline Hawkes said: “I’m really lucky, I have a British passport and a home. I just knew I had to do something with those things to help other people. Fostering migrant children is an absolute privilege and I get back far more than I give.” To find out more about Pauline and her work, read and watch Tor-Arne Njamo’s interview.

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